You can become a Host if you have a home that you are willing to share and a spare bedroom to offer a Helpful Housemate. Don’t worry if you only have one bathroom; this can be shared. So how do I find a lodger?

Because our Helpful Housemates are interviewed and vetted, and carefully selected, you can feel safe and reassured that you have a willing, friendly person living in your home.

We draw up a licence agreement which includes house rules and expectations. We also remain in the background in case you need our support whilst the agreement is in place. We make it a simple process for you to find a lodger!

Helpful housemates

Most Hosts are in their late 60’s to early 80’s with a spare room in their home. They may like the idea of the income of having a lodger, and would also welcome a little companionship or practical support such as changing lightbulbs, opening jars, technology, shopping, vacuuming, light gardening, even feeding the cat! However, many Hosts like bringing someone into their home as a way of helping others to have a home and help them save for the future for their own home.

We also help families who have a spare bedroom and would welcome a vetted lodger who could offer occasional babysitting, or other family support such as helping with homework, vacuuming or even walking the dog walking!


Registration Fee: £50 plus VAT = £60* – non-refundable fee, payable in advance, this fee covers a 3 month search, although in most cases we would expect to find someone quicker than that.

*Payable at the start of the search, this is a token payment towards advertising costs, plus the interviewing and reference checks. If a Host withdraws after the introduction of a Helpful Housemate, but before completion, Unity Living charges a £120 (£100 plus VAT) Administration fee towards costs already incurred.

Completion Fee: £300 plus VAT = £360* – final fee payable on the day the Helpful Housemate moves in.

Includes the Housemate Licence Agreement and vetting of the selected Helpful Housemate [ID, right to rent, credit and DBS checks].

Monthly Retainer Fee: £30 plus VAT = £36 – for ad hoc advice and to keep the arrangement under the Helpful Housemate Licence Agreement.

*reduced registration and completion fees for returning Hosts

General information for Hosts

Your home needs to be in a fit and proper condition if you want to take in a Helpful Housemate.  The home should be clean, in reasonable decorative order, and that it is free of any hazards; any furniture you provide must comply with fire safety regulations. Also other legal requirements are in place including gas appliance safety checks.  See Host FAQ’S for more information.

The Helpful Housemate is normal responsible for paying for his/her own food, phone and personal expenses.

Renting out a room in your home can affect your home insurance. To ensure your home is insured you must notify your insurance provider that you have a lodger. If you don’t your insurance policy may not be valid.

The rent received will normally be between £300-£600 p.c.m. depending on location, room size and condition, and other facilities. The Helpful Housemate Team will advise on a suitable rent which usually includes bills.

First steps to find a lodger…..

  • Download Registration Form

  • A member of our team will contact you for a chat about rent and take the Registration Fee.
  • You send us photos of you accommodation.

  • We start the search for your Helpful Housemate.

  • After introducing you to your Housemate we complete vetting and paperwork.

5 easy steps to becoming a Host