Terms & Conditions for Housemates

Unity Living Ltd sub-brand Helpful Housemates; hereafter referred to as Helpful Housemates aims to provide you with a friendly, professional and personal service. 

Please read these Terms & Conditions thoroughly, and contact us if you would like us to explain anything further, or if you have any questions. Acceptance of a Helpful Housemate arrangement, will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

The service provided to you

  1. Interview you by video conference, such as WhatsApp; compile a profile of you to the introduce you to the Host.
  2. Apply for Enhanced DBS on your behalf, complete right to rent, ID/AML and credit checks.
  3. Provide a Helpful Housemates Licence Agreement between you and the Host

Acceptance of accommodation

Helpful Housemates, will provide as much information as is available about the situation, based on information gathered from visits to, or when a visit is not possible, communication with, a prospective Host and/or from their family/representative. You may wish to meet the Host and see the accommodation more than once before confirming your move in. 

Notice period

To terminate the agreement you must give a minimum of notice 28 days’ notice to the Host in accordance with the Licence Agreement 


At the end of the occupancy agreement, the Host will be entitled to deduct from the deposit any sums due by the Housemate to cover the cost of repairing or replacing any broken, damaged or lost items and the expense of making good any failure by the Housemate to fulfil any other conditions of the Housemate Licence Agreement, or necessary cleaning.

The deposit or remainder of the deposit will be refunded to the Housemate within 14 days, or as soon as possible after the termination of the Housemate Licence Agreement. A list of deductions from the deposit will be attached where deductions have been made, notwithstanding fair wear and tear. Where deductions have been made from the deposit, copies of receipts for any money deducted will be provided to the Housemate. 


To operate our service, Helpful Housemates needs to collect and hold some information about you. At all times we will respect the confidentiality of this information. In holding the information, Helpful Housemates will comply with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation. 


We recommend that you consider taking out Personal Contents Insurance to cover your own possessions.