Are you are looking to rent a room, but feel disheartened by the high cost of renting? Would like to live in a home, rather than a room? Would you be happy to give up to 5 hours of your time each week to someone else?

If you have said ‘yes’ you might like to be a Helpful Housemate!

A Helpful Housemate benefits from affordable lower-than-market rent in exchange for giving their Host a few hours of practical support/company, such as shopping, light cleaning, changing lightbulbs, computer assistance, walking the dog or an evening’s babysitting. Helpful Housemates is currently available in Greater London, UK cities and large towns.

A Helpful Housemate is similar to a lodger. The accommodation is essentially your home, for which you are paying rent, meaning that you are free to go to work and socialise out of the house as you would in any rented accommodation. The difference is that the Host can ask for a little light help around the home and/or a few hours of companionship, up to 5 hours each week.

A Housemate must be over the age of 24, have some experience running a home, and be prepared to give a few hours of practical help/company each week in return for paying lower-than-market-rent.

To become a Helpful Housemate you will need to agree to:

  • Pay rent to your Host (normally between £250-£550 p.c.m. depending on location, room size and condition, and other facilities)
  • Be prepared to commit to at least 6 months in the property
  • Contribute an agreed amount to Council Tax and household bills
  • Pay a refundable deposit to the Host
  • Agree to DBS, Right to Rent and Credit checks

To Apply to be a Helpful Housemate

  1. Check the current opportunities available
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. We will then be in touch to discuss your application

Have further questions? Check out Housemate FAQ’S

Brilliant scheme!

I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on my studies if I hadn’t found Helpful Housemates. It meant I didn’t have to work full time; plus I loved helping someone else!”
Helpful Housemate