Terms & Conditions -Host


Unity Living Ltd sub-brand Helpful Housemates, hereafter referred to as Helpful Housemates, will only undertake business on the following Terms & Conditions. These terms are legally binding, so please read them carefully.

  1. The acceptance of a Helpful Housemate introduced by Helpful Housemates will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  2. The word “Housemate” refers to a person who Helpful Housemates has introduced as available for lodging with the Host.
  3. The Host will be charged Helpful Housemates’ fees in accordance with its fee structure. One-off payments are due in advance by bank transfer or card payment, and the monthly Retainer Fee by monthly Standing Order.
  4. The Registration fee is a non-refundable fee, payable in advance; payable at the start of the search, this is a token payment towards advertising costs, plus the interviewing and reference checks.
  5. In the event that the Host cancels the booking after agreeing the accommodation arrangement to a Housemate, but prior to commencement, Helpful Housemates reserves the right to charge 100% of the Completion Fee for work and costs incurred. Seven days’ emergency accommodation will also need to be paid to the Housemate (up to £250) if the Housemate ends up homeless as a result of the cancellation.
  6. For Hosts returning within 6 months, Helpful Housemates waive the Registration Fee and offer a 10% discount on the Completion Fee. In all cases, the monthly Retainer Fee is payable in full for the duration of each agreement.
  7. The fees charged for the Introduction of a Housemate is for one search of up to three months only and is non-refundable. Once the Housemate has been offered the accommodation, there is also a monthly Retainer Fee that is payable for the duration of the Housemate’s stay.
  8. Any Housemate terminating the agreement and then returning to the Host at a future date will incur further charges, and Helpful Housemates must be notified of any such arrangement by the Host.
  9. If a Housemate introduced by Helpful Housemates is subsequently booked privately in any other capacity, such as an employee, an additional fee will be payable.
  10. All information is confidential and must not be passed to a third party, either directly or indirectly, or in breach of data privacy laws (GDPR). If information is passed to a third party, and a Housemate is booked/engaged otherwise than through Helpful Housemates, this will constitute a breach of our Terms and Conditions, and our standard fees will be charged to the Host.
  11. Any failure to pay fees when due will incur interest at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England base rate from time to time on any outstanding balance from the date the sums became due.
  12. The Licence comes into effect from the date the Housemate moves in with the Host, whether executed or not.
  13. The Housemate is not to administer any medication or provide medical care in any way to the Host, except in the case of an emergency where the Housemate may undertake basic First Aid and must call for an ambulance.
  14. The Housemate is not to act as a carer for the Host and is not to undertake personal care (i.e. physical assistance given to a person in connection with eating or drinking; toileting; washing or bathing; dressing; oral care; care of skin, hair and nails) or otherwise act in any way that may be considered as a carer for the Host.
  15. The Host must not offer gifts beyond small expressions of affection (any gift offer of value over £50 should be reported to Helpful Housemates); must not make the Housemate a beneficiary of a will or a signatory on the Host’s bank account; must not lend money to the Housemate; must not ask the Housemate to use the Host’s bank card or PIN to withdraw money.
  16. The Host is required to ensure that their property is safe and suitable for a Housemate, and that any furniture provided meets with Fire Safety Regulations.
  17. The Host must have their boiler and gas appliances serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is also the Host’s responsibility to ensure that fixed electrical installations and appliances supplied are safe, have working smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector in any room with a gas appliance. It is also the responsibility of the Host to have adequate buildings and contents insurance for the property.
  18. Helpful Housemates interviews all potential Housemates and tries to ensure full reference checks are carried out; it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the Host to satisfy themselves as to suitability.
  19. Helpful Housemates gives no guarantee regarding the capability, character, medical condition, age or suitability of the Housemate. While Helpful Housemates endeavours to verify the background of Housemates introduced before a situation commences, it cannot guarantee that all the information provided regarding the Housemate is accurate.
  20. Helpful Housemates reserves the right to use its own discretion with regard to any situation or issue not itemised in its terms.
  21. Helpful Housemates is not an agent for either the Host or the Housemate. The programme acts as a facilitator to agree an acceptable housing arrangement.
  22. Helpful Housemates, its management and staff cannot be held responsible for any claims, damages or consequences that may arise from a home sharing arrangement.
  23. Helpful Housemates offers ad hoc support by phone or email once the Housemate has moves in. However, the Host and the Housemate should endeavour to make the arrangement work through good communication. By returning your completed Registration Form, you are confirming your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

By returning your completed Registration Form, you are confirming your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.